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From $0 to $150K in one year — my story

After being told my contract wouldn’t be renewed when four months pregnant, I spent what should have been the happiest months of my life in a state of severe financial anxiety.

I went from job security, to 5K in credit card debt, to making 150K in my first year as a web developer – with a baby under 1!

The constant worry of how I’d be able to afford to take time off with my newborn, coupled with the anxiety of knowing I’d need to find a new role when I was ready to return to work was crippling.

Towards the end of my pregnancy, I made the life changing decision to utilise that uncertain energy, and channel it into something positive. To take those skills I’d been honing over the last 6 years of my career as a successful product based business owner, and a corporate marketer, and focus them into building something for myself.

If you’re looking to build a business that increases your income and allows you to work flexibly in a rewarding role, Women Wealth WordPress is for you. 

find financial freedom

Wanna smash the glass ceiling?

As your own boss, your income is not set by a company. It’s not dependant on a performance review or your negotiation skills or an unexpected pregnancy. It’s not reliant on the gender pay gap. 

Your income is up to you.

Your mindset is everything, but having the technical knowledge and confidence to back it up makes a huge difference. In this course, you’ll find the answers to both. 

don't just take it from me

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The crucial foundations for your success

I am an open book

As a degree qualified teacher, I’ve made sure to incorporate the elements that are critical to your success in this field. These key factors are scattered throughout this course, and I’ve posititioned them in a way that will help you learn, consume, absorb and grow.

This is the course I wish I had when I started my business. This is the course that would have saved me hours of stress and anxiety. This is the course that would have enabled me to charge my worth from day one, and I’ve wrapped it up in a neat little bundle, just for you.



This course will give you the technical knowledge to be able to build a beautiful, custom, from scratch WordPress website worth $6,600



This course cuts through the bullshit. I tell you exactly what to do, and when. I tell you the tools you need, and the expenses you don’t. I’ve done the hard yards, you get the highlight reel.



Let’s be real. WordPress is overwhelming. Tech stuff is hard. Building a business isn’t easy. Money mindset is a journey.

This course is built to include coaching and development to help you find your stride.



This is not just another ecourse where you’re given a set of videos and left on your own. This course is built on community and support. You get Voxer voice memo access to me as you go, the FB group is active and so valuable, and we have a weekly accountability session featuring a masterclass, Q&A session + coworking time.

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Let's get to know each other

A woman wearing a hat and jeans sitting on a chair.

Who am I?

Hi, I’m Nikki!

I’m an easily entertained, 90’s hip hop obsessed, exclamation point loving, perfectionist.

I’m a mother, a wife, a passionate creative based on the sunny Gold Coast of Australia.

Originally from New Zealand, I found myself here after a three year stint chasing snow (and a certain handsome Australian guy) through the rocky mountains of Fernie, Canada.

I enjoy a good podcast, a frolick in the surf, and a lush salty margarita. Preferably in that order!

I take ideas from brain sparks to real life. I’m a doer. I’m an ideas gal. I’ll tell it like it is.

I love delivering work to clients that exceeds their expectations, helps them put their best foot forward and increase their income.

What do I do?

I build beautiful brands with meaning, custom WordPress websites and strategic marketing plans for small and medium-sized businesses who are ready to make big growth.

I describe my work as a minimalist blend of creative and professional. 

I have a passion for working with women-led businesses to help them make money!

My diverse background includes working in the corporate marketing sphere, as a degree qualified teacher, and as an owner of a product based business. This experience allows me to apply technical, design, strategic, marketing and coaching lenses to every project I work on.

A woman wearing a tan blazer and white pants.
A woman sits at a table with a microphone and notebook.

What makes me qualified to teach this course?

A little known fact about me, is I have a degree in teaching, which gives me a unique advantage in being able to communicate what I do, and how I do it.

I’ve designed each module in a logical, and succinct framework to give you exactly what you need, exactly when you need it, in the way that works best for you. 

This course is detailed, but easy to follow.

The course is self directed, learn at your own pace and weekly focus emails and active Facebook group to keep you accountable, build community and answer any questions as you go.

trust your gut

Do you love what you do?

If you’re reading this, you’re in search of a different path. A role that allows you to feel fulfilled. A job that gives you creative freedom, excitement and fuels your passion. 

You’re a learner, and a doer, just like me. 

You can build a wildly successful business as a digital designer, just like me. Join the 120+ grads who have already taken the brave step forward to build their own successful web development business! 

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Time to try something new?

This skill can take your career to new heights

Women Wealth WordPress is a 6 part ecourse designed to teach you everything you need to know to start or grow your career as a freelance web designer, or to launch your own site and free yourself from the constraints of being reliant on a developer.

Modules are released weekly, and we’ll also work through them as a group to troubleshoot, share encouragement, support, learnings and additional resources. 

A laptop on a table.



0.1 portal tour
0.2 bonuses
0.3 18 expert masterclasses

basics and essentials

Module one

1.1 why wordpress
1.2 inspiration
1.3 assets
1.4 design
1.5 user experience
1.6 the purpose of a page
1.7 SEO overview
1.8 copy

A laptop on a white table.
A desk with a book.

Hosting and base set up

Module two

2.1 hosting, domains, emails
2.2 WP base set up
2.3 plugin installation
2.4 theme + dashboard
2.5 site duplication

Site build part one

Module three

3.1 styling and coming soon
3.2 header and menu
3.3 footer
3.4 home page

A chair with a book and glasses on it, crafted out of wood.
A white table with a notebook and glasses.

Site build part two

Module four

4.1 about
4.2 services
4.3 faq
4.4 blog archive + template
4.5 contact
4.6 404 and links page

launch + maintenance

Module five

5.1 pre launch
5.2 go live
5.3 handover
5.4 hosting and maintenance

A white desk with a laptop and a notebook for a WordPress designer.
A WordPress laptop on a wooden table with a plant in a vase.

tech + troubleshooting

Module six

6.1 setting up Gmail
6.2 staging sites
6.3 migrating a site
6.4 fixing a hacked site
6.5 fixing a critical error via SFTP
6.6 reverting to a previous backup
6.7 transferring domains
6.8 email migration
6.9 migrating posts/pages
6.10 email downloads
6.11 email signatures

Group calls

Weekly masterclasses

7.1 money mindset
7.2 pricing, marketing, sales
7.3 processes and project management
7.4 tech and troubleshooting
7.5 hosting and maintenance
7.6 live build!

A desk with a WordPress Developer's notebook and a cup of coffee.

We kick off Feb 19

earlybird pricing + Bonuses end in:

Earlybird pricing has ended

If I can do it, so can you

I made over 150K in my first year of business

When I first wrote that number down as my stretch goal, I felt an overwhelming sense of doubt.

“I’ve never even made that much in the corporate world, how could I possibly make that much as a business owner? How would clients find me? How would I ‘convince’ them to work with me? How could I find the time to work around my baby? What if I’m not good enough? What if I make a mistake? What if they don’t like my designs?”

I didn’t have the answers then, but I do now, and I’m here to share them with you. 

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Kickstart your growth with these bonuses

Receive exclusive access to a range of valuable bonuses  to kickstart your education and development.


Worth $1,799


  • 18 exclusive masterclasses with industry leaders including Anna Dower, Kate Toon, Clare Wood and Bay Bradfield.
  • Learn about topics like SEO, sales, money mindset and more!


Worth $349

Notion client management portal

  • Intake questionnaires
  • Email scripts
  • Project management set up


Worth $149

Ultimate content creation bundle

  • 365 content prompts
  • Examples tutorials & recommended tools to get you on your way


Worth $199

Mega design pack

  • Library of 50 sections, headers, footer .JSON templates built to WWW standards


Worth $549

1:1 Coaching call

  1. 30 minute zoom session to troubleshoot, strategise, or pick my brains. 

Limited to the first 10 students. Must be used within 8 weeks.

Earlybird only 


Worth $997

1 X Seedling GPT

  1. Access to your choice of one of my brand-new, custom-designed GPT’s! These tools are specifically designed to help you improve your workflow, deliver a higher quality project and of course increase your income! (value $997)

Earlybird only 

I mean, check out the raving reviews

learn from the experts

Exclusive masterclasses

One of my favourite aspects of being a business owner, is that I’m able to make my own decisions about my learning, growth and development. In this past year, I’ve invested over $20,000 in my business.

At every turn, these investments have paid me back in dividends, and this is just the begining.

I’ve poured myself into this program, and I’m incredibly confident that all of the knowledge I’ve included into this course will do the same for you.

I’ve even taken this a step further and invested in additional experts to launch your business Hear from some of my favourite, most inspirational, deeply knowledgeable, likeminded women in business to help extend your growth and give you a more holistic education to add to your skill set.

Expand your skills and learn from 18 experts

Join us - Learn at your own pace, at a time that suits you!

We kick off February 19!

Throughout the development of this course, I could not believe the value I was including in every module. It’s knowledge that has taken me years to build up. It’s the secret sauce that has allowed me to make over 150K in my first year of business. And real talk, over half of that came in the last few months because I finally nailed my processes and found the confidence to charge what I was worth! 

I’m confident that the cost of this course is worth so much more due to the value you’ll receive. If you’re looking to build a site for yourself, you’ll save $6,000+ in development fees, and hours in back and forth with a designer.

If you’re looking to add WordPress as new skill in your service offering, you’ll make your investment back in one booking. 

Investment: $3,000 + GST

Current price: $2,000 + GST*

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We kick off Feb 19

earlybird pricing + Bonuses end in:

Earlybird pricing has ended

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Frequently asked questions

Graphic designers, VA’s, copywriters, marketers, social media managers, mums, bloggers, career women, digital entrepreneurs and so many more!

This course is suitable for anyone looking to start their own business, add skills to their skillset, increase their income, develop confidence in their process or build their own website!

You’ll need a half decent laptop (preferably with the Chrome browser installed), and a good internet connection. If you have access to a second computer or a tablet this would be a great bonus, as it will allow you to watch the videos while implementing the teachings and following along in real time, however this is not neccessary.

This course is primarily geared towards building sites for local businesses, service professionals, bloggers etc. We’ll build what’s known in the industry as a ‘brochure’ site. Integrating ecommerce functionality to sell products is a whole other kettle of fish, that would take much longer than the 6 weeks this course will span, and trust me, level 1 is JAM PACKED. It is important to note however that this course sets up the ground work for a site that can later have ecommerce functionality added, and this will be offered as a seperate level 2 course only to graduates of level 1!

Because it’s better, duh! There are endless reasons I rate WordPress so highly over stock standard template builders like Wix, Squarespace and Shopify, but here’s an overview:

  • WordPress as a CMS is free, open source software. There are some other associated costs, but these are minimal in comparison to templated builder sites like the above.
  • As I mentioned previously, WordPress is open source software. What does this mean? It means that it is available to anyone to view, use, modify or change the source code. This means that WordPress can integrate with almost any other software on the internet, and can be configured to do almost anything you need it to do.
  • As a designer first, WordPress is without a doubt my tool of choice. It allows me unparalleled design freedom and flexibility. I’m able to add custom animation effects to draw the eye to important calls to action, hide or show specific elements depending on the device size, and work within a blank canvas to bring a brand story to life.
  • One of the problems with building with a templated builder is that you’re always going to be limited to approved inclusions.
  • Easy to manage. I know, this is the opposite of what most people expect. Upon first glance the back end of WordPress can seem complex and overwhelming, but with a little training, the right software, best practice settings and a clean build I promise I’ll have you building and managing your own site in no time!

I guarantee it will, yes. Every developer works differently, and there is no limit to what we can learn. Connecting with other developers has been one of the main ways I’ve been able to level up my WordPress skills and expertise. I’m a big believer in streamlining my processes and developing hacks to save myself time. In this course, I share some of my top tips, and give away all my secrets.

While there can be glitches with WordPress, these typically come about because of security issues, dodgy free plugins, themes that aren’t up to scratch and sub par hosting. Luckily for you, I’ve done the research, I’ve made the mistakes, and I’ve developed a set of premium level (but all free bar one!) themes and plugins that take the headache out of managing a WordPress Site. You’ll get all of my top recommendations inside the course. 

There are many, many courses available out there on building WordPress websites. While I won’t claim that mine is the best or better than any others, my belief is that it comes down to the way you’ll best learn, and who you’ll best learn from. If you resonate with my style, you’ll know this is the right one for you.

Absolutely yes. The core of this program is walking through the steps to build a WordPress website! You can modify the content, styling, colours and imagery to suit your business as we go, or you can use the skills you learn to redesign the site to suit your needs.

Yes, but these are minimal. There is a cost for hosting your website which comes in at around $20 per month, as well as one premium plugin at a cost of $49 per year. All other recommended plugins have free or premium options. Throughout the course I’ll talk you through these and run through the additional options the premium plugins give you. 

Look, I don’t have anything against men, it’s just that I typically enjoy working with women more. But if you enjoy my teaching style, you align with my values, and you’re looking to learn the key skills this course teaches, you’re of course welcome!

This course runs over 6 weeks, and requires a couple of hours a week to complete, with two of the weeks having a higher time commitment of around 5 hours (these are the weeks we actually do the building). If you prefer to work like me, in solid blocks, you can complete the entire course in three solid days. The content is released in its entirety on launch if this is your preferred learning method, but we also have a weekly focus modules and masterclasses to help the whole group stay on track. 

Whenever you’re ready! Will you join us?

these women have changed their lives, and their businesses

See what grads have to say about WWW

flexible, powerful, unlimited

Beyonce uses WordPress, so should you

WordPress is the most commonly used content management system (CMS) in the world. It’s currently used by approximately 75 million websites.

WordPress is open source software, which means the code is available to be seen and developed for by any other company in the world. This means that WordPress has tremendous capability, and has some of the best tech brains in the world developing software for use with the platform.

For me, working with WordPress is like working with a blank canvas. The design scope is limitless. Creating websites feels like making magic. Come along for the ride.

is this for you?

Let's break down your limiting beliefs

As the mother to two young boys, believe me I understand this one! But it’s my firm belief that we all have enough time, it’s just a matter of prioritisation, and finding pockets to work on the things that matter to you. This course was built over many 3.30 am starts, on top of client work, on top of mum life. I made 150K in 12 months, with a baby under one, and a few days of daycare per week. How many hours a day do you spend scrolling Instagram? Is there something in your life you can put on hold, or outsource over the next 6 weeks? If this is important to you, it’s up to you to carve out the time to develop skills that will enable you to make your own path.

Here’s a secret – neither am I. I have no formal training in the field of design or web development. I’ve reached this level over 6 years of self taught, learn on the job, short courses, trialling, testing and changing. But even if you don’t have 6 years under your belt, I’ve got you covered. This course includes an overview of design basics, and the early bird registration includes access to a design mega pack, which you can use to mix and match an endless combination of website designs.  

The secret to running a successful business is getting started. No business is ever ‘done’. There’s always more to do, there’s always scope for growth and improvement. Don’t let the fear of perfection hold you back from building something great. We often build up projects or tasks in our head to be much worse than the actually are! Just. Start!

Absolutely it 100% is.

I understand the indecision that comes with standing on the edge of a big investment. In my first month of business I went to Harvey Norman for a clothes dryer with my husband and son. I was feeling overwhelmed by the amount of washing we needed to do to keep up with a pukey baby, and coming into winter the line was no longer an option. They had a sale on computers, and I spent over an hour questioning the attendent about the best model. My baby was frustrated by the time we were spending in the store. I could feel the disaproval radiating off my husband. I was experiencing another level of indecision and fear. Jiggling a crying four month old with a leaking nappy, I decided to press go. I bought a computer, an upright mouse, the office business suite and a digital pencil totalling almost $6,000. Not yet sure of myself, or where I’d be this time next year, I decided I owed it to myself to go all in and try my best.

I respect the thought process around spending your money, and I am grateful for every business owner who decides to choose me to work with over someone else. In every instance, I do my best to honor that investment, and do my very best work in order to deliver value equal to or greater than the investment required to work with me.

I also believe it’s important to pay women for their time and skills, and know that the knowledge I share within this course is worth every penny. 

The great thing about technology, is how it evolves. At this point in time, for most websites, there are other ways to build that don’t involve coding. I know the tech side can be overwhelming, but I’ve done my best to break it down for you, to make it fun, and take away the fear. We do cover some basic CSS in this course, but don’t panic, I walk you through the parts that you need to know, and exclude the parts you don’t.

Hey, me neither!

I’ve experienced the disappointment of spending money on something and not utilising it to it’s fullest. It’s for this reason I’ve adopted a hybrid approach to coaching + course content delivery for Women Wealth WordPress.

The model of having a weekly focus, email reminders, group discussions and masterclasses will help keep you on track. 

Whatever your preferred learning style, it’s my ultimate goal to make sure you complete this course, and get the most value out of the content. 

Good thing you get extended access to the course materials, masterclass replays, and any future updates for 12 months from purchase. 

If you’d like to chat through any other questions, concerns or hesitations, feel free to drop me an email or send me a voice memo on Instagram.

I'm giving it all away

Everything I've learnt, distilled

I set my prices too low. I tried, I tested, I learnt. I made mistakes.  And then... I found my groove. I found my dream clients. I developed a process. I got a handle on the tech. I found confidence. I found uncapped income potential You can too.

We kick off Feb 19

earlybird pricing + Bonuses end in:

Earlybird pricing has ended

Do or do not, there is no try

It's now or never

*Insert other cliche here*

You’ve reached the end of the sales page. If you’ve read this far, Women Wealth WordPress is the course for you! Still have questions?

Just a few more raving reviews