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07. Leveraging social media to go big in your design business with Kristy Campbell


Show notes

On this episode of Women Wealth WordPress, we dive into the world of social media with Kristy Campbell, founder and creative director of Pink Pony Creative. Kristy shares her insights on utilising social media to grow your business, develop your skills, explore your creativity and connect with potential clients. She also opens up about her journey from employee to employer, the challenges of growing a team, perfectionism, self-doubt and the importance of authenticity, valuing your loyal fans, and the one skill every business owner should work on. Join us for an inspiring and informative discussion on how to leverage social media to build a successful design business. 

Guest bio

Kristy Campbell is the founder and creative director behind Pink Pony Creative, a New Zealand based branding and graphics design company and with the power of social media, Pink Pony Creative now undertakes projects all around the world and embraces an ‘anything but boring’ belief in design and business.

Merging her personality with business to create a brand that both reflects and draws in like-minded people and businesses wanting to make an impact and do things with a bit more spice! And with a name like “Pink Pony”, you know they work a little differently.


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