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13. Building a sustainable web dev business: getting intentional about profit with Clare Wood


Show notes

In this episode, I chat with expert business coach, Claire Wood, to discuss the importance of knowing your numbers in running a profitable business. We discuss marketing funnels, the significance of building a community, the role of mindset in business, the importance of separating negative stories from reality, and the spiritual aspect of money mindset work. And of course, the conversation also touches on the practical money aspects such as profit, expenses, and cash flow.

This episode provides invaluable insights into building a successful business, with practical tips that any entrepreneur can apply.

Guest bio

More than a money mentor

Numbers Nerd – Ex-Accountant (CPA) – Wrangler of Two Boys – Drinker of Wine – Gym Junkie – Mum – Traveller – Mentor – Wife – Podcaster – Bestselling Author – Manifestor – Blogger – Wanderluster – Encourager – Reality TV Fan

I’m very nerdy when it comes to numbers, but I’m not your average bean counter: I use my number powers for good. 


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