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16. Selling is serving – Mastering the art of discovery calls


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In this minisode of Women Wealth WordPress, I share my insights on cultivating a positive and confident sales mindset and mastering the art (and learnable skill) of discovery calls.

As web designers, we often offer a high-ticket service, and it’s unlikely that someone will make a purchase without first talking to us. It is crucial we understand how to navigate these calls effectively.

I start by discussing my own track record, having booked 12/13 projects from discovery calls since returning from maternity leave. I cover the importance of consistency and cohesion throughout the entire customer journey. From my website and nurture funnels to pricing details and social media presence, every touchpoint reflects who I am and what I deliver.

But it wasn’t always such smooth sailing! I used to spend a lot of time on discovery calls, that didn’t always convert.

I very quickly realised the need to be more intentional with my time and introduced barriers to booking, while also working on my sales skills and mindset to ensure that calls were more likely to convert.

Selling doesn’t have to feel icky or overwhelming. By understanding your value and genuinely offering a solution to your clients’ problems, selling becomes a service.

I’d love you to join me as I explain my sales call process and share my best tips for more successful consultation calls.

Tune in to this minisode of Women Wealth WordPress to learn how to approach discovery calls in a way that serves both your business, and your clients.

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