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17. Enjoyment is not a discount code: How to stop undervaluing your creative work with Jasmine Designs


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On this episode of Women Wealth WordPress, I sit down with the talented Jasmine Designs to delve into the topic of confidently and appropriately pricing your creative work. Jasmine shares her personal experiences and insights on how to bridge the value gap, develop pricing strategies, and build confidence in your abilities.

From embracing the power of her strengths to navigating a recent ADHD diagnosis, Jasmine opens up about her journey and the lessons she’s learned along the way. She emphasizes the importance of understanding the value being provided to clients and not solely relying on time-based pricing.

Jasmine also touches on the significance of building strong relationships with clients, effective communication, and fostering a mindset shift to approach pricing with confidence. As an expert in her field, she provides valuable tools and guidance to freelancers struggling with pricing and self-assurance.

Tune in to this inspiring conversation as Jasmine, also known as the “pricing queen” on Instagram, shares her knowledge and expertise to help creative entrepreneurs thrive in their businesses. Plus, don’t miss out on the resources available on her website, creativebusinesskitchen.com where you can find a pricing calculator, guides, and more. 

Guest bio

*cue spiel* Hi there! I’m Jaz, your Pricing Queen and Design Superwoman.

Teal-clad, total foodie and super passionate about pricing for creatives.

IMO a creative is anyone who solves a problem in a non traditional way, and that skill right there, the ability to create something that didn’t exist yesterday is more valuable than many realize.

My love of teaching pricing was born out of necessity, often having confused creatives slide into my dms wanting to know how to price with confidence, clarity and condiments.

This past year I have been fortunate enough to teach through my online course, Easy as Pie Pricing, as well as through my online community, email list and resources I provide on my website.

Almost every creative I’ve ever met is discounting their worth before they even serve their genius, and I’m passionate about changing that recipe for success.


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