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19. A changing landscape: exploring the evolution of website development with Emma Kate


Show notes

In this episode of Women Wealth WordPress, I’m joined by the talented web developer Emma Kate, who shares her insights and experiences in the world of web development. We dive deep into the topic of using page builders like Elementor and how it impacts the perception of our work as developers.

Emma Kate provides her perspective on the use of page builders and addresses the concerns surrounding their use in the industry. We discuss whether page builders devalue our work or simply broaden our toolset and how this affects our legitimacy as web developers.

We also explore how page builders make web development more accessible for beginners, and whether they offer the same level of customization and flexibility as coding.

Additionally, we delve into the performance and load speed of websites built with page builders and how to mitigate any potential issues.

Finally, we chat about the future of web development and whether page builders will become the norm or remain as tools complementary to coding.

Guest bio

Emma Kate is a go-to WordPress educator and geeky girl next door for designers ready to upskill and master the wonderful world of web. Helping designers unwrap the mysteries, methods and magic of web design so they can build brag-worthy WordPress websites.

Y’know, in language you can actually understand, without worrying about coding, web dev jargon, mansplaining and overwhelm.



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