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25% off Cloudways Hosting Discount (and why I choose them)

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I use Cloudways to host my own websites, and my client websites! I made the switch about 2 years ago and have not looked back. They make the process of hosting and building websites so much easier, and deliver powerful performance at an unmatched price. 

Oh Cloudways, how I love thee. Let me count the ways! 

1. Click to clone

This feature saves me literal hours with every project! The one click to clone makes it so easy to build a test site / replicate my base settings (with all plugins, themes etc set up). It’s also handy for testing new features / software by creating a staging environment for live websites. 

2. Speed

As a cloud based service it’s so much faster than a shared host like GoDaddy! You’re even able to set up your servers at a location close to you, so that data isn’t downloaded from across the world. Pretty cool huh! They also recently partnered with Cloudflare to offer CDN services right within your dashboard. 

3. Security

Cloudways offer free SSL certificates, daily backups and the default security of hosting on a private server. Back to that shared server thing again, sensing a pattern here? Other (old school) hosts with 1000’s of websites on one server present a security issue, with hackers able to gain a back door entry into other sites on the same server if they gain entry to just one. I don’t like those odds!

4. Support

Cloudways support has never let me down! With a bank of detailed and easy-to-follow tutorials, as well as live chat support (without a queue) I’m always easily able to troubleshoot any issues that may arise!

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