30. Building confidence: Unpacking imposter syndrome and overcoming self-doubt


Show notes

In this episode, I dive into the topic of building confidence as a developer, a woman, a mum and a business owner. I reflect on my own journey and evolution, acknowledging that confidence is a never-ending journey. 
Impostor syndrome is a major factor that can hold us back, but it’s important to recognize that we all experience it. I encourage you to take risks, push through the discomfort, and do it scared. Do it anyway. 
As women, our confidence may have been affected by past experiences of failure, lack of belief, or being taught to keep quiet. I challenge you to reflect on specific instances that may have dented your confidence and break down the true source of those feelings. Getting through self-doubt requires trusting in yourself and the process, knowing that we have overcome challenges in the past and will continue to do so in the future. 
I share a personal example of how avoiding a situation out of fear led to a compounded problem, highlighting that often, the fear of doing something is worse than actually doing it. The key is to clearly identify the next step and take it, knowing that it will lead to growth and success.



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