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10. Six mistakes I made starting my web dev business


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In this minisode, I’m spilling the beans on the early business mistakes that shaped my journey, and what I’d do differently knowing what I know now. 

You’ll get the inside scoop on how I spun myself in circles trying to do too much and how this led to undercharging, overwhelm, and prevented me from becoming an expert. You’ll hear about the issues caused by skimping on processes and documentation, the oh-so-relatable story of how I didn’t charge enough, and the huge income stream I missed out on by not offering certain services earlier. Spoiler alert: it’s now a major money-maker!

I’ll also chat about the game-changing power of finding your community. And of course, we’ll talk about that pesky work-life balance, how too much hustle and not enough downtime can destroy your creativity.

Lastly, I’ll share the ways in which not investing in my learning from the get-go meant a longer, bumpier road to confidence in my skills and business.

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