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09. Build your web dev business organically with Desiree Bhullar


Show notes

On this episode we’re joined by Desiree Bhullar, a successful digital marketer and micro agency owner about their business journey. We discuss getting started and the key services they provide to businesses at different stages of the business cycle. We delve into the importance of organic marketing services like copywriting, email marketing, and social media marketing. We discuss the significance of personal connections, excellent customer service, and the vital role communication plays in delivering top tier results. We also discuss the importance of having clear branding and target market, and consistency for growth and building trust. Lastly, we cover the ways a supportive system is key to growth for business owners. 

Guest bio

I am a digital marketer specialising in websites and organic marketing for Australian small businesses. I believe in building websites that work hard in search engines and focusing on strategies that bring organic traffic back to the website.


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