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01. Building a legally legit website development business with Tegan Boorman


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In this insightful episode, Nikki from Seedling Digital (that’s me!) and Tegan from Social Law Co come together to explore the legal landscape of running a legally legit Website Development business. Tegan has been so generous with sharing her knowledge and expertise to help you build a business that not only flourishes but also protects you and serves your clients at the highest level. From contracts to data privacy, this conversation covers the essential topics you need to understand to navigate the complex world of digital entrepreneurship.

In this episode, we discuss

The importance of contracts in a WordPress development business: Learn why having a clear, comprehensive, and legally binding contract is essential for both you and your clients. We break down the key components of a successful contract, including the scope of work, timelines, payment terms, and more.

Data privacy and compliance: As a website developer, do you have an obligation to ensure your clients’ websites are compliant with data privacy and security regulations? And what exactly are these? We discuss current privacy laws, and you may just find you’ve got this one wrong!

We talk client communication and managing expectations: including the art of effective communication with clients, setting clear expectations, and maintaining transparent, open lines of communication throughout a project. Learn how to manage challenging situations and difficult clients while maintaining a positive and professional relationship.

Whether you’re just starting your WordPress development journey or looking to strengthen your existing design business, this episode is packed with actionable advice and invaluable insights that will empower you to navigate the legal complexities of the digital world with confidence. 

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Guest bio

Tegan is an experienced Australian corporate, commercial and intellectual property lawyer who saw a niche market in creating commercial legal agreements for influencer marketing campaigns and collaborations, as well as terms and conditions for social media competitions, online businesses, digital courses and service agreements for professional advisors operating in the digital marketing space. Social Law Co. was established to service that niche market.

During the course of her career, Tegan has acted for clients of various sizes, from individuals and small start ups through to companies listed on the ASX. Her industry expertise includes retail, publishing, travel, tourism and professional services.

Tegan is also the host of The Social Law Co. Podcast, where she discusses some of the key legal issues associated with collaborating with third parties on social media as a form of advertising. She has also appeared as a guest on various other Podcasts discussing these issues.


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