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Laura Duncan | The Design Room

Shaken, not stirred brand + web design for the bold

Designer bio

Hi, I’m Laura, Brand Scientist and Design Mixologist with a flair for transforming ideas into flavourful and memorable brands.

With 17 years under my belt, my expertise has spanned from graphic and web design to a profound thirst for unlocking what makes up a brand’s unique chemistry.

My goal is to make sure your brand speaks for itself. That it tells your story, from who you are to what you offer. I stir your unique flavours into every project to distill the true essence of your brand. Your formula, your brand, your way.


Client testimonial

“Laura has a rare and original creative talent with a sense of what would be perfect for you that you might not have even considered! I didn’t have a clear idea of what my branding should look like but with Laura’s design genius and guidance, I now have a strong and vibrant brand identity and bold website that I absolutely LOVE!” Norleena Horton, Active Funnel Pro

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