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Level up – 5 business podcasts to increase knowledge and grow your business

Podcast for WordPress designers and developers.

1. being boss

With Emily thompson

Official desciption: For creatives, business owners, and entrepreneurs who want to take control of their work and live life on their own terms.

The OG business podcast! I’ve been listening to Being Boss since its inception a few years back. Originally hosted by Emily and Kathleen, this podcast is geared towards helping creatives succeed in all things biz. From processes to pricing, clients to closures, this podcast has it all. 

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2. The clare wood podcast

With Clare Wood

Official description: A practical podcast to help entrepreneurs transform their mindset around money, create a love of numbers and build the business of their dreams so they can live a life of financial freedom, giving and global impact.

This podcast has a big focus on success, revenue and money. Clare has a background as an accountant, so it includes practical advice, but blends in a bit of the spiritual side I oh so love! She has great guests and helpful advice.

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3. She's on the money

With Georgia King and Victoria Devine

Official description: Our podcast, hosted by millennial money expert, Victoria Devine, is relatable, fun and easy to understand. It’s like having a cocktail with a girlfriend. Our goal is to take the fear out of finance and help you become a master of your money, inspiring you to make great money decisions for the rest of your life.

A new comer to the podcast scene, but already the number one money podcast in Australia, and recently Gold award winner for Smartest Podcast. I love that this podcast is dedicated to female financial empowerment, and covers all things money – from budgeting to investing. Whether you’re starting to build a better relationship with money, or you’re a seasoned pro, this has something for everyone. 

A WordPress developer working on a phone with a cup of coffee nearby.

4. the uncool designer

With Anna Dower

Official description: The podcast helping graphic designer boss-ladies work smarter not harder in their design businesses. 

I love that tagline so much – working smarter not harder is critical to business success in my mind! Anna is the queen of proccesses, passive income and streamlining business operations so you can make more, in less time. She has chats with awesome industry leaders, and is unapologetic in her story, her goals and herself. 

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5. Marketing School

With Neil Patel and eric siu

Official description: Marketing School brings you 10 minutes of actionable marketing advice every single day. Get the right tips to take your business to the next level and get to work right away.

These episodes are short, snappy and relevant. The’re released everyday, which means they’re able to cover the latest trends, software reviews, and keep you up to date with what’s working in the world of marketing, now. I love popping these on in the car as I’m able to get through full episodes and constantly increase my knowledge as I run errands!

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6. (bonus) Women wealth wordpress

With Nikki Hamilton (THAT'S ME)

Official desciption: In this podcast, we’ll cover the mindset, processes, tools and strategies you need to build a thriving digital design business, work with clients you love on projects that light you up, develop a flexible work schedule that works for you and uncover the potential for uncapped income as a freelancer and your own boss. 

I couldn’t end the list without sharing this one! Women Wealth WordPress is more specific to building a business as a web developer, and is dedicated to helping you succeed, and sharing everything I know. I can’t wait to share it with you!

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