A laptop is sitting on a table next to vases and a vase, belonging to a WordPress Designer.

Studio Pure One Page Build

Design with me! Get online with this gorgeous, WordPress + Elementor live build (part one).

Studio Pure

Learn how to build this gorgeous one page website, for free!

P.S this is a completely made up brand! Studio Pure does not exist in real life (as far as I can tell, it probably should, it’s a bloody great concept). 

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Part one: pre work

Follow along with part one, setting up your server (hosting environment), installing WordPress, adding and configuring relevant plugins + theme. 

Resources mentioned


My hosting platform of choice. Hosting has been an absolute game changer for me and is currently bringing in my business a constant recurring revenue stream of over 30K per year by hosting my clients sites on the tool. HIGHLY recommend. The support is second to none. 

Logo package express

If you offer branding, this is a MUST OWN piece of software. I use it with every project and it saves me probably a days work. I honestly can’t believe the price for what it is/does. When I started using it I instantly doubled the price of my branding packages because the amount of files + colours + organisation it outputs is so logical and professional and comprehensive. My clients absolutely love it!

Elementor Pro

We just use the free version in this tutorial, but the pro version is infinitely more robust! It’s what I use, love and teach. Couldn’t run my business without it. 

Haute stock

Gorgeous stock imagery, photos, content prompts and even design templates. A one stop shop for marketing assets (and they offer a licence to use images for clients!).

Jen wagner

The formidable Jen Wagner. Gorgeous, high quality but affordable typefaces. I wouldn’t use a script from anyone else (not kidding). 

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