A smiling woman sitting cross-legged on the floor next to an open laptop against a white brick wall background.

Beth Padgham | Media Avenue

Helping women dominate online & make bank from anywhere, anytime with a laptop and a fold out chair.

Designer bio

I love working with women in small to medium sized, service based businesses. I’ve had a lot of experience with women in the health and wellness sector, as well as other creative industries. Professions such as business and life coaches, naturopaths, dermal therapists, counsellors, as well as copywriters and other Graphic Designers.

What makes me unique is that I don’t just have a bachelor in graphic design, but I also have always had an innate skill of being able to transform someone’s idea or vision into a visual reality. I also design my client’s brands before the website build so their online and offline presence is consistent from start to finish. I have rarely had negative feedback and if I do, it’s minimal easily rectified.

One of my favourite things to do for my clients is help them work out their ‘customer or client journey’ before we get too heavy into the website build so that their website delivers on user experience, functionality and high conversions.

From an aesthetics POV, I’m pretty adaptable when it comes to style. I can do everything from funky and illustrative to polished and minimal. I also don’t mind doing e-comm websites using woocomerce IF the client is aware of the work and content needed to make it happen.


Client testimonial

“Beth is supremely good at what she does. She is passionate, infinitely creative, has superior technical knowledge, and is a dynamo at her craft. Her style is collaborative, yet it leads you where you need to get to and makes working together fun. She’s humble – so the results speak for themselves.” – Fleur Elizabeth.

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