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14. How I prevent burnout and overwhelm in my business

In this episode of Women Wealth WordPress, I discusses burnout and overwhelm as a web developer and freelancer. Sharing my experiences and reasons for choosing to freelance, I also get personal here, and talk about my recent diagnosis of autism and ADHD and how I’m learning to manage these conditions while running a business.

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05. SEO essentials for website developers

We discuss the essential key skills WordPress website developers should master to elevate their projects and boost their clients’ online presence. From meta descriptions to moral obligations, we cover an introduction to the SEO spectrum and touch on the topics you need to know to  offer website development as a service, and build a successful web dev agency. 

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04. The perfect handover

Discover the secrets to effective client handovers and ongoing success with this week’s minisode. Learn how to enhance client satisfaction, develop trust, build referrals, and increase income through a solid handover process.

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03. Balancing motherhood and biz with Amy Pearson

Sharing their personal experiences, challenges, and triumphs, we delve into why WordPress website development serves as the perfect career choice for mamas looking to juggle family life and entrepreneurship.