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Letitia at Cami & Co. Branding

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Designer bio

Cami & Co. Cami & Co. Branding specialises in high-converting brand identity, WordPress website development, copywriting and SEO—creating a stunning first impression and a lasting impression of excellence for years to come.

You only get one chance at a first impression—it’s essential that from the get-go, you’re demonstrating your credibility, building trust and positioning yourself as an expert. Let’s face it: you’re amazing at what you do and your brand should show it!

As well as a self-taught design fanatic and tech nerd, I’m also a Master Planner (yes, that’s a real thing!)—systems, organisation and processes are my thing. Basically, I’m the Monika of the business world. It’s a superpower that helps me not only give you a beautiful and profitable design, but also an enjoyable and seamless experience that you can feel 100% confident in.


Client testimonial

“Since working with Cami and Co. Branding, I’ve had non-stop inquiries appear in my inbox. I trust that I can make an impression on potential clients without even being near my computer–that alone made this decision worth it a hundred times over!”—Alyson Fink

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