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18. Guiding clients to success: the importance of a well-designed intake process


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In this episode of Women in Wealth WordPress, we continue on from our discussion last week on the sales process and dive into the all important intake process. I truly believe that having well-documented processes is the key to building a successful business. Nailing your process allows for scalability, removes mental load, and opens up space for creativity and growth. It also sets the foundation for hiring and seamlessly integrating new team members into your business, if that’s your jam!

I believe that guiding clients through the intake process is crucial for a successful project, building trust and confidence in your expertise. 

In this episode I share tips on streamlining the intake process, starting with sending proposals, contracts, and invoices promptly, all in one go to making it easy for clients to convert, remove friction and streamline the booking stage.

I chat through the importance of providing a welcome pack that outlines project timelines, expectations, and communication guidelines. Additionally, how using customer portals or software like Moxie can make it convenient for clients to access project information and complete required forms. Lastly, I highlight the significance of having the right form types to ensure a secure transfer of information and allow clients to take their time with gathering assets and answering strategic questions.

Join me on this episode as we explore the intake process and learn how to create a seamless and enjoyable experience for both you and your clients. 

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