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21. Embracing your unique astrological blueprint for business growth and fulfillment with Kristy Gray


Show notes

In this episode, I had the privilege of speaking with the incredible Kristy Gray, who believes that knowing yourself is a superpower when it comes to building a successful business. We delve into the importance of identifying your strengths and passions, and how this can energize and drive your entrepreneurial journey.

Kristy shares a powerful coaching session where teaching and coaching were identified as a client’s strengths, leading them to incorporate this into their business. We discuss various methods for identifying strengths and weaknesses in clients and how Kristy helps them to put those strengths into action.

We also explore the concept of breaking down limiting beliefs and the power of affirmations and visualization to transform our mindset. Kristy highlights the value of astrology sessions for coaching tools and shares how astrology has been a powerful tool in their own personal and business growth.

We deep dive into the significance of the sun, moon, and ascendant in analyzing a natal chart, and how understanding these factors can foster cohesion and harmony in working alone or with others. Kristy opens up about her personal journey and the impact of childhood programming on their mindset and challenges.

Join us for an inspiring conversation on self-discovery, empowerment, and the undeniable connection between knowing yourself and achieving success in your business.

Guest bio

Kristy is an Astrologer and Life Strategist from the Gold Coast.

Her career started in Learning and Development in the beauty industry, working for the likes of Clinique and global beauty giant Sephora.

A passion for developing people and brands blossomed into a 10-year career, but Kristy was perpetually curious about astrology – she was ‘that girl’ in the office who was always asking everyone for their star signs.

In 2018, she found herself sitting in front of an award- winning Astrologer who became her mentor, and instantly fell in love with the stars and how they can help you understand more about yourself to make conscious decisions.

Five years on, Kristy has become one of Australia’s leading Astrologers. Through her signature formula, Astrostrategy®, Kristy combines mystical insights with practical tools to dismantle the uncertainty that’s been holding you back.

When she’s not stargazing, you’ll find her at the beach, fantasy novel and green juice in hand.


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