23. A journey of creativity: From agency to freelance, exploring the path to true success as a designer with Louise Crozier


Show notes

In this episode, I had the pleasure of speaking with Louise Crozier, a talented brand designer and successful business owner. We explored her journey from childhood, to an agency designer, to starting her own design studio and discussed the challenges she faced along the way.

Louise emphasizes the importance of having solid processes in place to avoid common issues that arise in client projects. She shares how effective communication and setting clear expectations can make a significant difference in managing client relationships and project timelines.

We also talked about the misconception that agency experience is essential for running a successful design business. Louise believes that while agency experience can be beneficial, it’s not a prerequisite. Being a great designer, organized, and a good communicator are key qualities in the industry.

A significant focus of our conversation was finding the right work-life balance. Louise encourages designers to define their own “sweet spot” between freedom, profit, and happiness. We discussed how achieving financial milestones may not necessarily translate into happiness and how personal time should be prioritized.

If you’re a designer looking to uplevel your skills and learn more about running a successful design studio, Louise has also recently launched her course, In Demand Designer. She shares her insights on building a six-figure studio and overcoming sticky situations.

Guest bio

I’m an independent, type obsessed, espresso-martini loving brand designer who is a mission to find the ultimate work-life balance.

I’ve been a practising designer for 13 years, and business owner for 6, and I still reckon I love what I do more than anyone I know.

But, that’s come with hard work and a lot of learnings to build a sustainable business, finding my own sweet spot between freedom, profit and happiness.


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