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25. Expand your toolkit: How web developers can boost their business utilising email marketing with Siri Buskes


Show notes

In this episode of Women Wealth WordPress, I dive deep into the world of email marketing with our guest, Siri Buskes. We explore how web developers can leverage email marketing to not only increase their income but also enhance their client services and expand their business. 

Siri shares valuable insights from her own experience running an agency and working with subcontractors and freelancers. She highlights the importance of capturing and converting leads that don’t immediately make a purchase or complete a contact form on a website. Email marketing, she emphasizes, can be the missing link in an overall marketing strategy, allowing web developers to nurture leads and establish a deeper connection with their audience. 

We also discuss the challenges Siri faced early on in her career, from struggling to find marketing-focused jobs to dealing with difficult clients and payment issues. But always the optimist, Siri was able to turn these challenges into valuable lessons, ultimately focusing on her passions for web design and email marketing to build a successful digital agency alongside being a mother. 

Guest bio

I’m a tech-savvy web whizz with digital DNA.

Entrepreneurship runs through my veins. I started a social media agency in Europe when I was only 20 years old.

I’m a born & bred Dutchie now living in the outer skirts of Melbourne, juggling life as a mum of 2 boys, while running a successful business from home with my hubby.

I mainly focus on helping small businesses (mostly women-owned businesses) with their email marketing & ecom needs.


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