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27. Navigating Isolation: A Conversation on Women in Web Dev with Haley Brown


Show notes

In this episode of Women Wealth WordPress, I dive into a topic that many women in web development can relate to, isolation. I am joined by the incredible Haley Brown, who shares her experiences and thoughts on this common struggle. We discuss the value of having a supportive community of friends in the same field, who can celebrate wins, answer questions, and offer advice without judgment. 

Haley acknowledges that even as an expert, she is constantly learning and improving, emphasizing that there is no endpoint in our journey of knowledge. We explore the fear of making mistakes that often hold us back and the importance of overcoming that fear to take action and grow in our careers. We also touch on the challenges of balancing work and personal life, especially as a parent. 

Guest bio

Haley is a web designer, WP wiz and lady boss, obsessed with all things WordPress and helping designers like you make an incredible living while doing what you love most. 

Haley helps designers go from burnt‑out, struggling freelancers to confident, highly‑paid boss ladies of your own web dev empire by mastering WordPress without the tear‑your‑hair‑out drama of coding. 

Simply put, work smarter, charge more and live the life you want without overwhelm & fear.


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