28. How your money mindset shapes your business and financial decisions


Show notes

In this episode of Women in Wealth WordPress, I dive deep into the importance of money mindset. I share personal experiences and insights on how our beliefs about money impact our business success, marketing strategies, and financial decisions. As the host of Women Wealth WordPress, I firmly believe that money plays a crucial role in our lives, which is why I am passionate about helping my students and clients make money. 

During this minisode, I walk you through the signs of a poor money mindset, such as feeling undeserving of high-paying clients, undercharging, and overdelivering. I also share a powerful example of a student who needed a mindset shift when it came to pricing her services. Additionally, I discuss the benefits of seeking input from others to gain a fresh perspective on your business practices. 

I share a personal realization I had and how it related to uncovering my own scarcity mindset. By unpacking our beliefs and recognising the need for change, we can develop a healthier money mindset that allows us to make smart financial choices and attract abundance into our lives. 


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