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29. Know your worth: Undercharging and overdelivering in website development with Shannon Mattern


Show notes

In this episode of Women Wealth WordPress, I had the pleasure of speaking with Shannon Mattern. We dive deep into the world of web design and business, with a focus on pricing, mindset, and achieving sustainable success.

Shannon shares her experiences as a female web designer and how they differ from her male colleagues. We explore the societal expectations placed on women to be quiet and nice, and how these expectations can impact their behavior in business.

We also discuss the issue of undercharging and the factors that contribute to it. Shannon offers valuable insights on how to determine if you’re undercharging and provides strategies to overcome this common problem.

Furthermore, Shannon walks us through her personal journey of finding balance and taking control of her business. She shares how she transformed her mindset from an expense mindset to an investment mindset, allowing her to charge what she’s truly worth and create a sustainable business that aligns with her values.

Join us as we explore the power of shifting our money mindset, setting financial goals, and understanding our own value. Get ready to be inspired to challenge your beliefs, overcome fear, and achieve success on your own terms. Tune in to this episode of Women Wealth WordPress with Shannon Mattern!

Guest bio

Shannon Mattern is the founder of the Web Designer Academy where she helps women web designers create profitable, sustainable web design businesses.

She’s also the host of the Profitable Web Designer Podcast and the Simply Profitable Designer Summit where she shares inspiration, strategies and actionable advice to help web designers create freedom, flexibility and financial independence.


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