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34. Are you missing these essentials? 20 key elements you can’t afford to miss in your website builds (part 2/2)


Show notes

In this episode of Women in Wealth WordPress, I dive into the crucial elements that are often missed in the website build process. From SSL certificates to CDN implementation, I discuss how these technical components can greatly impact your website’s performance and security. 

I also stress the importance of integrating Google Analytics into your website and providing your clients with access to their data. This invaluable tool allows you to track website performance, make improvements, and build a strong client relationship.

Additionally, I emphasize the significance of submitting your website to Google Search Console and Bing to dominate the search engine results page and cater to voice-activated search and mobile browsers. 

Client communication is key, especially during the go-live stage, where I discuss the benefits of transparently communicating with your clients and providing them with everything they need to share and promote their new website. 

Lastly, I delve into the crucial step of handover, equipping your clients with the necessary tools to manage their website on a day-to-day basis, and ensuring the importance of regular updates to prevent any website breakdowns.


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