Notion Strategic Client Intake Template

Introducing our Notion Strategic Client Intake Template for web and brand designers. This comprehensive template, featuring over 70 targeted questions, is expertly crafted to streamline your client intake process and ensure you capture all the essential details for a successful project from the get go.

Ideal for both web and branding projects, it allows you to efficiently collect thorough information on business values, history, goals, unique selling points, target audience, and more.

Having a robust intake process not only saves you time by reducing emails and content delays but also minimises client frustration, setting your projects up for success from the start.

By implementing a cohesive and thorough approach to gathering client data, you help to reassure your clients of your professionalism and attention to detail, significantly boosting their confidence in your services. This trust fosters a smoother collaboration and enhances overall project satisfaction.

To use, follow the links in the digital download, duplicate this template into your Notion workspace, and you’ll be on your way to transforming client insights into beautiful, strategic, functional designs.