Seedling Strategy Method GPT

The Seedling Strategy Method is a next level tool designed to transform the way designers and copywriters craft their brand strategies. Leveraging years of experience in the field, with the power of custom GPT technology, this innovative approach streamlines the strategy development process to help you deliver comprehensive and personalized brand strategies more efficiently. This powerful tool combines the efficiency of AI with the personal touch of custom input, ensuring that your clients receive a strategy that is not only comprehensive but also deeply aligned with their brand’s essence. Elevate your service offering and set new standards for your business, and clients.

Key features

  1. Notion intake questionnaire: At the heart of the Seedling Strategy Method is our tried and tested Notion questionnaire. This tool captures essential insights directly from your clients, ensuring every strategy is tailored to their unique business and goals.
  2. Custom GPT technology: The responses from the Notion questionnaire are then fed into my custom-built GPT. This advanced AI analyzes the input and generates a detailed brand strategy, encompassing approximately 3000 characters. You’ll also automatically receive all future updates to this custom GPT.
  3. Customizable Word document template:  This template is perfect for presenting the strategy to your clients, allowing for easy review, editing, customisation, collaboration and feedback. I’ve included comprehensive descriptions of each aspect of the brand strategy, so that clients can be across the purpose of every section.
  4. Video tutorial: To help you get the most out of this tool, the Seedling Strategy Method comes with a quick video tutorial. This recorded guide walks you through the entire process, from using the Notion questionnaire, to outputting a strategy and sharing this with your client via our word template.

Key benefits

  1. Comprehensive strategy output: The result is a thorough brand strategy, covering crucial elements such as core values, vision, mission, target audience analysis, positioning, marketing messaging and tone of voice (approx 3000 words).
  2. Excellence and consistency: What sets the Seedling Strategy Method apart is the time it’s taken to build a process and tool such as this. From years in the field to countless hours testing and training the custom GPT, to building a comprehensive strategy template. By including multiple stages throughout a strategy development process, this tool will help you to maintain a high standard of quality and consistency within the strategies you deliver.
  3. Efficiency and time-saving: Reduce hours of manual work to minutes. This tool not only cuts down on the hours spent in data analysis but also accelerates the turnaround time for delivering high-quality strategies to clients.
  4. Service offering potential: This tool is not just an internal asset; it’s a valuable service offering for your clients. By providing them with a comprehensive brand strategy created by the Seedling Strategy Method, you add significant value to their business, setting the stage for long-term success and growth. This may in turn translate to higher revenue for both you, and them!

Ideal for designers, creatives, consultants, freelancers and marketing agencies looking to enhance their service offering, streamline their strategy development process and provide consistently high-quality, efficient branding services. Embrace the future of brand strategy development with the Seedling Strategy Method GPT package.

The fine print

  • OpenAI account requirement: To use the Seedling Strategy Method GPT, you must have a paid Chat GPT account.
  • Digital product support: Please note that this digital product does not include personalized one-on-one support. Please refer to the provided video tutorial for guidance, tips and tricks.
  • Usage and sharing: This digital product is intended solely for the purchaser’s use. Redistribution, sharing, or unauthorized sale of this product is strictly prohibited.
  • Refund policy: While I stand by the quality and value of this digital product, please be aware that any purchases of the Seedling Strategy Method GPT are final and non-refundable.