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The one piece of software I couldn’t run my Web Dev business without

Running a business is tough, I get it! There's always so much to juggle. From marketing, to chasing up leads, to invoicing, to project management, and that's without even 'doing the work'.

Business can be exhausting to maintain, and take a big chunk of mental load to keep all the balls in the air, which is why I hand on heart could not run my business without Dubsado!

Here are my favourite features offered by Dubsado and how I use them. 

Lead tracking

I’m a big fan of data! If you know where your leads are coming from, it makes it easy for you to get more by concentrating your marketing efforts in the right places! I have found a big portion of my leads comes from word of mouth marketing, which I believe is testament to the processes my clients go through, in part to the wonderful software that is Dubsado. 


I used to spend hours generating custom proposals in InDesign, only to have to spend more time invoicing and onboarding a client once accepted! I now have my proposals set up so I can add a package (or two) in record time. Clients can review on the go, follow the prompts to lock it in, accept the contract and make initial payment with just a few clicks. 

Client portal

Having an area for clients to log in, access all invoices, forms and correspondence has been a game changer. This definitely helps keep the client in the loop, and feel as if they are up to date and included with the project at all times. It also means they know where to go to pay additional invoices or check on outstanding project requirements at all times.

Automated follow ups

No more dreaded manual ‘your invoice is overdue’ emails! Take the emotion out of billing, trust me on this one! 


If your projects follow a similar format each time, as mine do, workflows will be your best friend. You can set up automated emails, to do’s, invoices, intake forms and more. This reduces the manual workload for each project, which allows more time for creativity!

intake forms

Gathering content is a web devs nemisis! I love the ‘save draft’ feature on all Dubsado forms which allows clients to complete in bits and peices at a time that suits them. Clients can answer questions, upload files, provide content and more. Having everything I need in one place makes it easier for me to start a project, rather than trawling through multiple emails or shared folders to find what I need. 

integrated payment options

I’m a big fan of reducing friction when it comes to payments. If you make it easy for clients, you’ll get paid faster – guaranteed! I have my invoicing integrated with Stripe and PayPal so clients can quickly pay in a way that suits them. 

free training

Dubsado is so comprehensive, it can take a bit of time to get your head around! The great thing is, they offer two 30 minute training sessions per month, so you can speak directly with a specialist and make the most of your investment. 

income snapshot

This might be my favourite feature of all, because ‘you attract what you track’. I love logging in to see how my monthly income is taking shape, and if I’m on track to hitting my goal (or if I need to follow up a few more leads). Since utilising this function I’ve increased my goals (and achieved them) month on month!

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