A podcast dedicated to helping women start, and succeed, in the wonderful world of website design and development.

Are you paying yourself last, struggling to find clients or attracting projects that drag out and drain all your energy?

In this podcast, we will cover the mindset, processes, tools and strategies you need to build a thriving digital design business, work with clients you love on projects that light you up, develop a flexible work schedule that works for you and uncover the potential for uncapped income as a freelancer and your own boss.

You will hear open, honest and raw chats with women who have achieved success as a freelance website designer, professionals in related fields with knowledge to spare, and shorter minisodes that answer your questions and get straight to the good stuff with actionable and timely tips and tricks.

My hope is that you leave each episode feeling inspired, ready to take action and make more money as a freelancer.

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A woman in a black top with her arms crossed, working as a WordPress Developer.
Full length

05. SEO essentials for website developers

We discuss the essential key skills WordPress website developers should master to elevate their projects and boost their clients’ online presence. From meta descriptions to moral obligations, we cover an introduction to the SEO spectrum and touch on the topics you need to know to  offer website development as a service, and build a successful web dev agency. 

A WordPress designer created a phone with a picture of a woman on it.

04. The perfect handover

Discover the secrets to effective client handovers and ongoing success with this week’s minisode. Learn how to enhance client satisfaction, develop trust, build referrals, and increase income through a solid handover process.

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Full length

03. Balancing motherhood and biz with Amy Pearson

Sharing their personal experiences, challenges, and triumphs, we delve into why WordPress website development serves as the perfect career choice for mamas looking to juggle family life and entrepreneurship.